The LEC plans to raise the minimum age to compete to 18 years

Although it may surprise many, League of Legends in its competitive facet as an esport has a middle age relatively high compared to other esports, although it is necessary to qualify a lot.

For example, compared to shooter like VALORANT, CS:GO or Rainbow Six: Siege, LoL has a lower middle agebut if we compare it with Fortnite, Clash Royale, Rocket League either Wild Rift the thing changes.

League of Legends

and although there is surveys and reports that determine that there are many players between 18 and 24, the truth is that there are more between 25 and 34, although this in esports varies depending on the region.

A year and a little ago Express shared an astonishing stat from the LEC: the average age of players ranged from 20 years old on Vitality to 24 years old on Astralis, with the average not going above or below both figures.

Well, maybe this figure increase in 2024 why riot games wants to ban players under 18 from competing in the LECas they inadvertently “leaked” in a Blog about the league

Until now the minimum age was 17, although in 2024 it could change. This would mean that very young players have to train first in an ERL and then make the leap to the LEC if they deserve it.

Let’s remember that, in the past, players like Rekkles debuted with less than 17 years of age in competitions of this level, although history has changed a lot and Riot wants to control the minors more in 2024.

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