The Minecraft-like sandbox that is FREE and breaks it on Steam

This tremendous video game maintains an immense degree of popularity on Steam and can still be downloaded for free at no cost.

Unturned on Steam

In Steam you can find all kinds of video games and the offer varies from the latest news with AAA titles to some unpublished cases, like this one Amazing sandbox that has a Minecraft-like aesthetic and for years it has held thousands of players captive.

The Minecraft-like sandbox that is FREE and breaks it on Steam

Unturned is a free to play sandbox video game Developed by an independent company that built on its Minecraft-esque aesthetic to gain a vast following of fans. Released in 2017, the game from Smartly Dressed Games continues to be one of the most popular games on Steam.

Currently, and as on the day of its launch, Unturned is totally free and that makes it easier to hoard players. At the time of publication of this note, the game comes from a peak of more than 93,000 simultaneous users and went down in the last hours to 67,000a tremendous figure for an indie.

Unturned Launch Trailer


Unturned Launch Trailer

What is Unturned about, the survival game that is still all the rage on Steam

Unturned is a cooperative survival game in which the player is a survivor in the ruins of a zombie infested society. that he must cooperate with his friends and companions to form new alliances that keep him alive.

The challenge is to stay alive while battling with nature and the zombie threat. Meanwhile, they must interact yes or yes with other players to help the new society to survive and prevail in a world in ruins. You will have to create a fortress that serves as a base to travel by land, sea and air and allows you to explore a gigantic world that deserves a better destination.

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