The new Riot Games game is leaked


Beyond League of Legends, Riot Games is doing everything possible to expand this universe with experiences of all kinds. Thus, A new leak has revealed what would be the next title starring one of Runeterra’s heroes.

Through a recent search by Riot Games in South Korea, a new title has been found under the name of Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. This would be an action game starring Sylas, set in the kingdom of Demacia. Unfortunately, at the moment the study in charge of this project is unknown.

What we do know is that Riot Forge would be in charge of its publication. This is not a gaming studio, rather it publishes titles by teams that have been allowed to work with this license. In the past we were given Ruined Kingthe Airship Syndicate RPG, and in the future we will see Song of Nunu by Tequila Works.

Finally, the record reveals that this title will be available on consoles and PC, and will allow us to fight against human and monster enemies. You have to remember that Riot Games had confirmed a game set in the kingdom of Demacia, but they had not provided any other details. Thus, this leak is the first look at this project. On related topics, ex-professional player of League of Legends He has been sentenced to four years in prison.


Editor’s Note:

The expanded universe of League of Legends It is something that has been built with passion and love. Ruined King is an extremely entertaining RPG, and Arcane It is the best product of that brand. While the details are yet to be known, it seems that this new job could well be something worthwhile as well.

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