These are the 10 most successful video game franchises; Tetris is still king


Those franchises that have existed for many years are the most successful of all, and the figures updated by VGChartz, a website specialized in monitoring game and console sales, reveal that Tetris is still the undisputed king of video gamesfollowed by Pokémon and Call of Duty.

Tetris is a Russian game released in 1984, and It already accumulates almost 500 million units sold. Therefore, it has been at the top of this type of list for more than 30 years.

Nevertheless, pokemon grows nonstop, especially after two ultra-successful 2022 releases: Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The entire franchise now it has sold more than 450 million units. He made his debut in 1996.

Then we have the Activision gold mine, call of dutywith dozens of titles released, it reached 400 million copies sold. The franchise started in 2003.

The 10 best-selling video game franchises in history:

  1. Tetris – 496.40 million units sold
  2. Pokemon – 452.94 million units sold
  3. call of duty – 400 million units sold
  4. Super Mario – 394.96 million units sold
  5. Grand Theft Auto – 385 million units sold
  6. FIFA – 325 million units sold
  7. Minecraft – 238 million units sold
  8. LEGO – 203.22 million units sold
  9. Assassin’s Creed – 200 million units sold
  10. the sims – 200 million units sold

Under The Sims, in position 11, is Final Fantasya franchise that was born in 1985. Minecraft is the newest game on the list, making its debut in 2011.

A little over a year ago Pokémon appeared in fourth place with 386 million copies sold. Now, with the updated list, we can see the franchise becoming the second most successful, thanks to the 2022 releases, which weren’t as well received.

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