“These are unprecedented circumstances”, Riot apologizes for the criticized cinematic of League of Legends – League of Legends

In addition to its quality in the new video games released or the ambition when embarking on projects such as an MMO, Riot Games is compared to Blizzard from a decade ago for a very recognizable issue: the level of cinematics released.

And the moment marked on the calendar for every League of Legends fan is early January, when the animated video that kicks off the new season is released. We have had cinematics as well remembered as Awaken, in 2019, or La Ruina, in 2021; but something has broken in 2023.

The community is still shocked by the low level of the cinematic

Just yesterday, Riot Games published The Brink of Infinity to open Pandora’s box within the community. The video consists of an “unreal made” Summoner’s Rift, which we are walking through in first person. No champion appears, and only a voiceover recites phrases from characters in the game. No narrative about Runeterra (remember that Summoner’s Rift ceased to be canon more than five years ago), zero spectacular combats and nothing that appeals to fans of the world of League of Legends.

This made the MOBA community see a last straw for their patience. To the delays in announced features and promised updates, the little new playable content in 2022 or a preseason that has not revolutionized the metagame as a title that has been around for more than a decade needs, we must add the ruling to a tradition that started 12 years ago.

Riot Games has not been slow to react with a thread on social media. In it, they apologize for the start of the season, although they do not give concrete details of the reasons: “This year, due to unprecedented circumstances, we had to choose an alternate approach to the 2023 season video.”

“We have listened to you and we want to admit that Brink of Infinity has not reached the minimum of action and prominence of champions that you expect in a trailer, causing speculation about our investment in League of Legends”, acknowledges the official account of the game to go to promise more transparency future on the current situation of the video game.

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