TheShy account is permanently banned from the Korean server

The end of the 2023 Preseason as well as the start of the League of Legends Season 13 has scored a hype tremendous in the community. Most of the players have wanted to broadcast their last and first games of this year, among them we even find professionals of the caliber of Kang Seung-lok «TheShy«. However, one of his last streams it was not as satisfying as we might think.

Last 12th of Januarythe toplaner he was playing live and broadcasting his games. He was playing on the Korean server and, as soon as he finished, he found out that his account had been banned permanently. As soon as he entered the lobby from the end of the game, received an account suspension message that left him speechless. She tried to reconnect several times without ever understanding what had happened.

they remain to TheShy from Korean LoL server

When he realized what was happening, decided to cut the direct as soon as possible. To date, his account is still banned and we do not know if he will return at some point. What we do not officially know is the reason for this banalthough thinking, it can be deduced that he has been expelled due to a rule that they have recently implemented on the server.

In early January, Riot Games KR confirmed that all those accounts that are “rented” to foreign professionals were suspended. With this measure they want to improve the quality of the server and prevent the competitive experience from being cut short. According to a statement, this wave of bans It will run throughout the first quarter of 2023.

Simply will allow the rental of these accounts to those players who go from boot camp. We’ll have to see what happens with TheShy. What is clear to us is that this suspension has not prevented it from returning to the Korean server, since it has reopened streaming with another account, although this time with hidden names.

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