They present a buff to Zoe that scares a large part of the players

Season 13 of League of Legends continues its course. Although we are currently in the first version of the season, Riot Games is already thinking about the future. The closest isthe patch 13.2 and during the last hours they have already given us the first clues of what is to come. Little by little the possible changes that Riot thinks about are coming to light and one of the champions that could receive improvements is zoe.

For a long time, the vast majority of players of this champion they have asked the company for some other buff. All this without any response. And it is that balancing Zoe is somewhat complicated. After all, we are before a magician of poke able to burst to any rival without any problem. Therefore, increasing its power too much can be a complete problem for the title. Nevertheless, Riot has decided to listen and improve the champion.

Zoe could create a lot of problems in patch 13.2

A priori the big change that this champion will receive will be on the [E] – Sleep bubble. If this ability hits, the champion who received the hit will fall asleep. Virtually any knock will wake him up, so landing a critical hit is more than important. However, there are some abilities that allow you to attack without the target waking up.

  • [E] – Sleep bubble: Now reduces magic resist by 20/30% against sleeping targets.

For now, this is the big change that Riot plans to apply to Zoe. It is a more than important update of the one that you champion as Miss Fortune will be used to use their [R] – Hail of bullets. This is because that ability does not wake up the enemy. So we could find ourselves facing an insufferable combo that would be even worse due to the buff of the [E] from Zoe.

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