this 24″ 144 Hz gaming monitor is a bargain at MediaMarkt Outlet Weeks

That the monitor we use to play is one of the most important members of our setup is not, at this point, anything new. Our screen plays a fundamental role in our gaming experience and this is something that competitive gamers know especially well: features such as hertz, response time or panel technology are not just simple additions, if not that they are vital when we face competitive online gameswhere every millisecond counts and can make the difference between winning or losing.

MSI Optix G241 - 24 Inch Gaming Monitor" (60 cm), FHD 1920x1080, 144Hz, 1ms, AMD FreeSync, DP/HDMI, Black

MSI Optix G241 – 24″ (60 cm) Gaming Monitor, FHD 1920×1080, 144Hz, 1ms, AMD FreeSync, DP/HDMI, Black

That is why among the community of professional players it is very common to see monitors with contained diagonals, with high refresh rates and minimal latency. And contrary to what it might seem, to get one of these monitors it is not at all necessary to spend a fortune. Rather the complete opposite: In the market we find options as interesting as this very cheap MSI, now on sale for only 169 euros in the MediaMarkt Outlet Weeks.

Either as the main monitor or to configure a setup with several of them, at this price the MSI Optix G241 is a very interesting purchase option. It has everything we can ask for in a gaming monitor, it looks especially good in competitive environments and It represents a really contained investment if we compare it with alternatives of the competition. In addition, its great design makes it fit wonderfully in all kinds of setups and it has super-reduced frames.

This MSI mounts a 24-inch screen with 1080p resolution. This means that we will not need too much power to reach high FPS and thus take advantage of its refresh rate. And also that we get a great density of pixels per inch to play. Also, mounts an IPS panel and is compatible with AMD FreeSync. And it stands out, above all, for its aforementioned refresh rate of 144 Hz, and also for its response time of just 1 millisecond. Two must have that cannot be missing in a gaming monitor worthy of mention in the middle of 2023.

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MSI Optix G241VC 23.6" LED FullHD 75Hz FreeSync Curve

MSI Optix G241VC 23.6″ LED FullHD 75Hz FreeSync Curved

ASUS TUF Gaming F15 FX506HC-HN004 Intel Core i5-11400H/16GB/512GB SSD/RTX 3050/15.6"

ASUS TUF Gaming F15 FX506HC-HN004 Intel Core i5-11400H/16GB/512GB SSD/RTX 3050/15.6″

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