This has been the first week of VCL

The first three days of the VALORANT Challengers Spain: Rising MediaMarkt Intel (VCL) have left some results unexpected. All tier list had reflected the dominance of Case Esports Y team cheese in the top positions, but we have found a totally different scene.

Day 1 with many surprises

The first day of the national league gave us the opportunity to see the teams in action for the first time with all-new rosters.

victory was taken falcons, ZETA, Rebels Gaming, Gaming KPIs Y UCAM Tokiershighlighting these last games that were comebacks against Team Queso and Case Esports.

AYM Esports started off on the wrong foot against the Falcons, who achieved a remarkable result, making it clear that they have come to the league to fight.

Results Day 1 VCL

A second day to demonstrate

After the nerves experienced by the start of the competition, the second day came with the Movistar Riders match against Ramboot, quite even, where MRS he took the win.

Gaming KPIs defeated UCAM Tokiers by dominating the map and team cheese he signed up his first win against ZETA in an even match.

On this occasion, AYM Esports showed that it could do more than the previous day, but it took a defeat against Rebels Gaming finishing 10-13.

To close the day Case Esports beat Falcons on a very tight map where the hawks demonstratedagain, its great level.

Classification in Matchday 2

Last day of the week

On the last VCL day of the first week, Gaming KPIs defeated AYM Esports once again demonstrating their dominance at Ascent.

ZETA took the victory against Ramboot highlighting saizwho got the MVP by making a spectacular map.

falcons beat Movistar Riders and team cheese to Case Esports. This last one should have been the flashy “giant fight”, but it ended with TQ dominating the map against the current champions.

To close the sessions, Rebels Gaming they “ate” UCAM Tokiers with an astonishing 13-1 in Haven. In this way, the current classification.

Road to days 4, 5 and 6

Next day VCL

After this first week, the next three days will take place from Sunday January 15 to 17. Rebels Gaming and KPI Gaming remain undefeated and they will fight to continue at the top of the competition. AYM Esports and Ramboot will have to find their first victory this week.

All positions can change and the VALORANT Challengers Spain: Rising MediaMarkt Intel has only just begun. All sets have a lot to say.

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