Valve suffers major leak that reveals secrets of very popular games

Leaks continue to be the order of the day and now it’s up to Valve, the owners of Steam and managers of very popular franchises. According to the details, a huge number of company files are already circulating on Internet forums. The number of leaked documents is such that the community is already talking about the biggest leak that Valve has suffered in its history.

Players have a lot of interest in the material, as it includes content cut from Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, half life 2 Y Portal. Also, the leak is gradually revealing previously unpublished details about the development of said games, so preservation enthusiasts are excited.

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A huge amount of Valve files leaked on the Internet

A couple of years ago, Valve was the victim of the leak of the source code of Team Fortress 2 Y Counter-Strike. Now, someone has leaked tens of gigabytes of information about all of the titles mentioned above. The leak was so great that only Team Fortress 2 there are 61 GB of files.

According to reports, the leaks originated from a Discord server where a user, identified as Leakerwanderer, began posting links to repositories with all the information. Since then, hundreds of players have had access to the files.

The subject in question ensures that he has the documents from approximately 2016. Now that they are in the hands of more people, the community hopes to find interesting information about Valve games and even new projects. However, it seems unlikely due to its age.

On the other hand, the community also wants Valve fans to discover interesting things and share them in an effort to preserve the company’s history. Likewise, it is not ruled out that modders are interested in making projects with the material.

Leaks include map files, models, textures, and more. In the case of Team Fortress 2, a lot of material has been discovered that was not used during the launch or in any version of the title. As of this writing, Valve has not commented on the matter.

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