What records did Steam achieve? Review the achievements made in 2023

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In addition to this achievement, the Valve platform achieved another record

Steam is one of the most popular PC gaming platforms.
© SteamSteam is one of the most popular PC gaming platforms.

Steam started off great year 2023 because during the last hours various records were released that this popular platform of pc of the company Valvewhich we invite you to know below.

What records did Steam achieve?

According to the analytics page of Steam: SteamDBthe platform of Valve managed to overcome the 10 million users playing titles of pc. Specifically they were 10,082,055 users who were playing different games on the popular platform.

Some of the most popular games were the eternal shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensivea game that currently has a very strong presence in the esports Y dota 2popular MOBA game, just as it is League of Legends. In third place was the game Goose Goose Duck.

If we talk about numbers: Counter Strike He had 1,000,800 players, dota 2 He had 766,096 Y Goose Goose Duck He had 605,694 users.

But it was not only that record that he achieved Steam because it also exceeded the number of users connected to the platform, a number that exceeded 32 million. Specifically they were 32,186,301 users those who were connected at the same time on the platform, although it was not necessary to be playing a title of pc.

These achievements of Steam They were announced after the end of the winter sales that the platform had, that is, game offers that began before the Christmas and that ended after New Year.

It should also be noted that the popular platform of pc of Valve maintain popularity during this first part of the 2023 because important games to be released in pc will be available in Steamsome examples are Dead Space Remake Y Hogwarts Legacy.

The remake of dead space will be released on January 27, 2023 and the version for computers will be available in Steam. While Hogwarts Legacytitle of the universe of Harry Potterwill be released on Feb. 10 of this same year and his version of pc can be booked on this platform Valve.

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