A Minecraft player manages to recreate Yharnam from Bloodborne

The gaming community of Minecraft She is used to letting her imagination fly with amazing creations within the sandbox title, and we could say that it is a quality they have in common LEGO Y Minecraftin which they allow you to create a lot of things and that your imagination is the limit of what they offer, and today we will delve into a tribute to bloodborne.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, the videogame of blocks of Mojang it has remained a relevant product for so long. This is also the reason why we have stories like that of players who manage to create gigantic structures in homage to different entities of popular culture or characters from other video game.

Minecraft is one of the most beloved videogames within the Industry, and that is, the potential of Minecraft It is, to say the least, amazing. Throughout more than a decade since the famous title of Mojang came out on the market, it has been possible to see how its players have made authentic works of art with no more limitations than those of their imagination.

This especially applies to the user of Reddit u/Parking_Price6980which managed to recreate the city where the events of the Hunt take place, in a world of Minecraft. We can see a recreation of the vast city built on the edge of the coast. Its grandeur both architecturally and spatially has made Yharnam the most important religious pilgrimage center in the known world and just like in the Bloodborne video game, you would surely surprise with the sheer attention to detail, and this one is shaping up to be absolutely incredible.

We should mention that if we manage to pay attention to every corner, you will be able to discover a lot of details in which this Minecraft player has spent a lot of time to build the vast city. He has not left anything to chance and you can appreciate the design of each building, even without asking for anything from the original material, due to its large size and the elements that remind us of how amazing this city looks.

Undoubtedly, this ambitious project has had an overwhelming success on the networks, something that once again reminds us of the versatility of the block game. Even so, it is surprising to see the amount of detail that this construction has, so in the future we could see another of the locations of the Bloodborne video game. In fact, there are some Reddit users who have even thought that it was a PS1 demake of the FromSoftware title.

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