“Exceeded everyone’s expectations”: ShahZaM defends shroud

Shahzeb Khan «ShahZaM«, in-game leader from G2 Esports, has set social networks on fire by throwing a dart at his former team. The American player has publicly accused Sentinels of forcing him to play with Michael Grzesiek”shroud» in exchange for having a place in the new franchise system of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). The statements have generated a crossover that has forced ShahZaM himself to defend shroud to deny any bad relationship with him.

During a live broadcast, ShahZaM clarified that his posts were not directed at the content creator. The G2 Esports IGL has taken the opportunity to do the opposite, that is, praise shroud: «They asked him if he could play, he wanted to, he came and gave it his all. It exceeded everyone’s expectations.” The streamer Canadian was the second reinforcement of Sentinels along with Zellsis for the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), the last tournament that guarantees qualification to the VALORANT Champions.

However, with the situation cleared up with shroud, ShahZaM charged Sentinels again: “Facing the LCQ, Sentinels was a fucking meme.” «People believed that what we were doing was stream and that we didn’t care about winning. Everyone thought we were a fucking meme, that we only made money, that we only cared about streams and that we did not want to win. That was the narrative around the team.”has stated the current G2 Esports player.

The new G2 player has been blunt with Sentinels for how the club didn’t slow down the narrative: “The LCQ was our last chance to change it before the franchises…. Bringing in shroud, compared to a working pro, pushed her even further.” The Sentinels were left without a chance to go to the VALORANT Champions after losing to 100 Thieves in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. Precisely the thieves went to the World Cup after killing Cloud9 and The Guard in the tournament.

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