Filtered the possible release date of Redfall: It would arrive on May 2, according to insiders

redfall is, next to Starfield, one of the most anticipated games for PC and Xbox Series X / S. They are also the flagship of the new stage of Bethesda as a company owned by Microsoft. The release of both be lateremaining up in the air for some indeterminate moment in 2023. Now that we have fully entered the new year, it seems that its release date begins to appear.

Several insiders Xbox have filtered out today the supposed release date of redfall. This information is not official, but it fits with what many other sources have been commenting on for some time: according to well-known informants, the new work by Arkane Studios hit the market next May 2. We stress that this is not an officially announced release date, so it may not be correct. What we do know for sure is that it will be available for release on Xbox Game Pass.

When will the release date of redfall?

These informations and rumors arrive the same week as Xbox and Bethesda They have announced an event Xbox Developer_Directin which they are precisely going to focus on giving information (official this time) about games like redfall. In fact, the German division of Xbox itself assured that during the event the release date of both the Arkane game and other projects such as Minecraft Legends or the new Forza Motorsport.

redfall is a cooperative multiplayer first-person vampire slayer action. It will be exclusive to Xbox Series X / S and PC, and will be playable day one on Xbox Game Pass. In vandal We tell you everything we know about this promising project.

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