Fortnite nerfs one of the favorite weapons of Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Fortnite has brought great surprises for the players, and also dealt a blow in one of its most controversial additions, by nerfing the Shockwave Hammer shortly after the weapon returned to play.

You see, the nerf is small on paper which reduced the amount of charges the weapon has from four to three, but again it left players a bit divided as some felt it was justified while others expressed frustration with the nerf.

This change was announced on Friday by the official Fortnite Status Twitter account, which only had this Shockwave Hammer nerf to report at the time. The nerf applies to the normal version of the weapon, which has been assigned the “epic” purple rarity, while the mythic version of the Shockwave Hammer remains unchanged.

Given the damage and utility of the weapon, it’s not surprising that unanimous opinion on this change was lacking. Those who like the weapon naturally wish it hadn’t been nerfed and accused Epic Games of reducing the fun and uniqueness of the current season by diminishing the power of the Shockwave Hammer.

Supporters of the nerf applauded the change saying it needed toning down due to the mobility it affords players from its previous four loadouts, so as is often the case with these types of nerfs, the game’s competitive scene was blamed a again by people who felt that Epic Games was catering too much to the pros and competitive environment.

The good news is that if you still want to regain the weapon’s old power, you still have a tool to use, although obtaining it is a bit more complex than finding one on the ground. The Shockwave Hammer of Ageless Champion it is the mythic variant of the weapon and is capable of holding not just three or four, but up to five charges to offer players maximum damage and mobility.

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