HLTV Award Show 2022: The great CS:GO winners

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With nightfall on Saturday, January 14, HLTV celebrated its great annual CS:GO awards ceremony, in this case in 2022. The HLTV Award Show held its grand 10th anniversary celebration, with an event packed with entertainment. Of course, the prizes and the players were the stars. Chief among them Oleksandr Kostyliev «s1mple«, who rose with him First place of TOP 20. The Ukrainian legend got his third award for best player of the yearon this occasion for his animal performance throughout 2022. The podium of the TOP 20 It was closed by the French Mathieu Herbaut «zywoo” in second position and the Russian Dmitriy Sokolov «sh1ro” in Third place. The gala distributed many more prizes, among which he highlighted FaZe Clan What best team of 2022 and Ilya Osipov”m0NESY” What rookies of the year.

From Stockholm, Sweden, the awards HLTV of CS:GO lived their tenth anniversary in a magnificent event to reward what happened in 2022. Presented by the great cast that regularly accompanies CS:GO and with the appearance of great figures from the scene. Including some historical locals from Sweden like Get_RiGhT Y olofmeister They gave the present at the ceremony. Everyone had their minutes of applause, but only a few smiled into the camera with a reward In hands. we will tell you the big winners of the HLTV Award Show 2022 of CS:GO.

HLTV Award Show 2022: The winners of each category

  • Panel Awards x 1xBet:
    • Best entry of the year: Nikola Kovac «niko«
    • Best clutch player of the year: Sergey Rykhtorov «Ax1Le«
    • Anchorman of the Year: Ilya Zalutskiy «Perfect«
    • Best AWP of the year: Oleksandr Kostyliev «s1mple«
    • Best IGL (In Game Leader) of the year: finn andersenkarrigan«
    • Best Coach of the Year: Andrii Horodenskyi «B1ad3«
    • Quintet of the Year:
      • Perfect (NaVi)
      • Ax1Le (Cloud9)
      • simple (NaVi)
      • Niko (G2 Esports)
      • Karrigan (FaZe)
      • B1ad3 (Coach)

HLTV Awards x 1XBet

  • Outstanding Play of the Year: m0NESY vs. MIBR
  • Rookie of the Year: m0NESY (G2 Esports)
  • Women’s Team of the Year: Nigma Galaxy
  • Team of the Year: FaZe Clan
  • Player of the year: ANa (Nigma Galaxy)
  • Player of the Year: simple (NaVi)
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