How to fix match replays not showing error in Overwatch 2

If you’re looking to get into the replay system in Overwatch 2 to see how you and others in a match maneuvered, the process is usually very straightforward. However, some people have noticed that when they go to search for the match in question, it doesn’t show up. Their entire play section will look completely empty, as if they have never played the game before. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to get your replays back. Here is how to do it.

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How to make your replays appear in Overwatch 2

If you just launched Overwatch 2 and noticed that there are no recent games in your replay gallery, the solution is very easy. When starting the game, there is an error that prevents you from seeing the games you played in previous game sessions.

Gamepur screenshot

All you need to do to get your replays back is jump into any game, regardless of whether it’s a Quick Play, Competitive, Arcade, or Custom Game, and play until it’s complete. After that, go back to the main screen and look at your Replays section in the History tab under Race Profile.

For some reason it seems that once you get the win or lose screen, your replays will appear again. If you leave the match early, that match will not appear until you pass and watch a game to completion.

This is just one of those weird bugs that came up with the latest patch in Season 2. It will likely be fixed at some point, but luckily the fix is ​​very simple and gives you even more pictures to look back on if you want. . It will just take a bit of your time.


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