League of Legends announces the news that will arrive in the 2023 season

Riot Games announced the start of the 2023 season of League of Legends and LoL Esports, which marks the beginning of tournaments and qualifiers of the popular video game for casual players as well as professionals. The brand also revealed details about the upcoming content that will be released throughout the year.

Along with this announcement, the company has released a new cinematic video called ‘The Edge of Infinity’, to open the 2023 season.

What’s new coming to League of Legends in 2023

The ranked season kicked off with the 2023 season missions and the chance to get the following rewards:

  • 2 Hextech chests and keys
  • 6 icons
    • Precision Icon
    • Domination Icon
    • Witchcraft Icon
    • Value Icon
    • Inspiration Icon
    • Runic Book Icon
  • 3000 Blue Essence
  • 8 Champion Shards
    • Yasuo
    • Zed
    • sejuani
    • Pantheon
    • Wukong
    • Aatrox
    • Yorick
    • Katarina
  • 2023 Season Start Icon and 2023 Season Icon
  • Sentinel Skin Leave Your Mark

On the other hand, new updates with skins, visual effects and illustrations will be released. Players using Aurelion Sol as their primary champion will have access to a set of abilities in their next Full Gameplay Update (ACJ).

Aurelion, character from League of Legends.
Aurelion, character from League of Legends. – Photo: Riot Games

Added to this, Riot revealed that in the course of 2023, players will be able to access new champions such as:

Milio, a Charmer from Ixtal,

Naafiri, a mid lane Darkin assassin.

New skins in LOL for 2023

Kalista, Aurelion Sol, Ivern, and Kled will be getting skins, along with a new line of Faerie Court Realms visuals and the ‘Dogs vs. Cats’ line of cosmetic items.

Champion, playable character, from League of Legends.
Champion, playable character, from League of Legends. – Photo: Riot Games

For the first event of the year, here are the next skins that will be available in patch 13.1 and 13.2:

  • Lunar Empress Ashe
  • Kha’Zix Lunar Guardian
  • Lunar Empress Qiyana
  • Lunar Guardian Malphite
  • Lunar Emperor Thresh
  • Gallium Mythmaker
  • Garen Mythmaker
  • Mythmaker Irelia (Legendary)
  • Sivir Mythmaker
  • Zyra Mythmaker
  • Prestigious Mythmaker Sivir
  • Prestigious Porcelain Lissandra

Qualifying stages in 2023

Starting this year, both ranked stages will undergo a mid-road rank reset with their respective rewards.

Ranked Reset

When Stage 2 of the Ranked Season begins, the reset won’t be as heavy as it was in January, as the game won’t change enough to cause players to have to regain their rank to the same extent. This reset will be less important if a player hasn’t played many games since January.

League of Legends game map
League of Legends game map – Photo: Riot Games


Players can earn full rewards at each ranked stage, including icons, emotes, and a ranked skin. This means that there will be cosmetic items for this year’s ranked phaseas well as some additional rewards for promotion.

Additionally, players will no longer have to meet the Gold rank requirement to earn a ranked skin, instead earning it based on the number of ranked matches played.

All professional teams from each of the nine leagues will send their players to compete in the season opener event. It is up to each region to determine how they will field their teams. Matches will be played best-of-three on Summoner’s Rift, with no champion locks or replays.

Each of the professional teams representing the winning team will be able to create an emote with the designers at Riot Games to add it to League of Legends

The Breakout event will replace the League of Legends All-Star event. Although All-Star has given players and fans many special moments over the years, the current schedule could be very challenging for its players.

Replacing All-Star with the Season Kickoff event will provide a well-deserved break for pro players and an exciting new platform for fans to complement the local end-of-year competitions and celebrations that regions often host during this period.

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