League of Legends could have a spinoff according to a recent leak

To the surprise of many, League of Legends could have a spinoff. We tell you what was leaked in this note!

League of Legends spin off

According to a recent leak, League of Legends could have a spin-off It’s coming to consoles and PC at some point. This was revealed by the media Polygonwho discovered that the game rating committee of South Korea has a ticket to a game called Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. In addition to the title, it is revealed that it will be coming to both PC and consoles.

But this is not all, since the short description of the delivery reveals that we will be sylas who should save Demacia. In case you do not know, or you are not very involved in the lore of LOL, Demacia is one of the kingdoms in the game and is often described as a kingdom in crisis. As to sylasthis is a champion that was added to League of Legends at the beginning of 2022. Many know him as The Unshacked and his basic attack spins chains around him to damage nearby enemies.

League of Legends spin off

And this is why he is probably the protagonist of the spin-off. His weapons remind us of Kratos from god of war oh simon belmont in castlevania. The character also uses magical stone and steel attacks, and as we level up Sylas can also steal opponents’ powers from him. So it would be quite interesting a game focused on him and that allows us to fully exploit his abilities.

Although this leak is a surprise, since it is a spin-off whose existence was unknown, League of Legends had confirmed another title focused on characters from the franchise. We are talking about Project La fighting game LOL, which recently revealed a new gameplay. From what was revealed, it’s going to be a free to play Y Riot will not reward players with NFTs. Another of the spinoffs of League of Legends is Convergence: A League of Legends Story that will come sometime 2023 and of which we already have the first images.

League of Legends spin off

In case the leak is true, we could have several titles in the saga League of Legends history focused on different champions. convergence has as its protagonist ekko and we can use their abilities to travel in space and time. Riot Games It has not yet come out to confirm or deny the leak, but it would not be a surprise if the company ends up officially announcing the game this year.

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