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By: Samuel M | 14-01-23

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 It has been on the market for months now, so figures are beginning to emerge regarding the use of the characters that players use the most. The sequel brought some new features in the form of new scenarios and a new game mode, as well as buffs and nerfs to various heroes.

Thanks to the Overbuff website, we find the list of characters that are the most chosen in all modes of the Overwatch 2 game (Quick, competitive and arcade). Thus, we find that Ana is occupying the first place, following him in second place mercyand thirdly Kirikothe heroine introduced in this sequel.

That the first three places are occupied by supports says a lot about how Overwatch 2 is being enjoyed, since now the supports play a very important role in keeping the team alive, taking into consideration that now the duels are 5v5 and the groups have a tank. Ana recently had an interesting update that allowed her to better heal her allies, as well as deal extra damage when throwing her biotic grenade. The character is of great help during fights thanks to the fact that she can keep the team alive, as well as deal great damage to opponents who are low on health.

Overwatch 2

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Mercy is already a classic character in games, being the one that can heal a little faster, as well as empower allies and give their attacks more strength (especially hitscans like soldier 76 either Pharah).

As for Kiriko, depending on how you use her, she also has the necessary skills to keep everyone alive thanks to her ability to give her seconds of recovery. invulnerability. In addition, it has the possibility of teleporting close to an ally and thus preventing them from falling when they are on low health. Another of his strengths lies in his kunais, which can be lethal against DPS as long as you manage to hit them with accurate headshots.

Overwatch 2: Junker Queen is the least used

Although there is good news for the ‘main’ Ana, Mercy and Kiriko, we also have bad news regarding junker queen, the tanky hero who also arrived in Overwatch 2. According to OverBuff, she is the least used character in the entire game, ranking last. She is only surpassed by Threw out, Wrecking Ball Y Shade. The developers should take note to see what they can do with the character to make her more fun to play.

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