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The atmosphere had been heated for a few months in the community of League of Legends and the disastrous beginning of Season 13 It made everything jump into the air. The tension of the players with the disappointing cinematic with which the new campaign started brought back all the criticism that Riot Games had been hearing on a regular basis. The situation reached such a point thatBarely twelve hours passed before a first official apology was issued from the developer with the commitment that in a couple of days there would be more comments about it. Now, the term has expired and the company has not disappointed. In what will be one of the most important videos in the modern history of the company, both the executive producer of League of Legends (Riot Brightmoon) and the head of League Studio (Riot Meddler) have come forward to apologize.

Explanations, apologies and changes to ensure the future of League of Legends

In the first place, the heads of Riot Games have wanted to certify the obvious, ensuring that They are aware that kinematics is not the main problem of League of Legends. The intention was not to look at the finger and forget about the moon. “We’re here to chat a bit about the mistakes we’ve made. While we’ll talk a bit about the cinematics, that’s just the latest example. The state of the game of late hasn’t been what it should be consistently. It’s been There have been some positive moments, like the durability update or the worlds, but there are many other things to take into account: the cinematics, the state of the events, the lack of game modes… there are so many things we should have done better“, the developers began.

Quickly getting the situation out of the way with the cinematics, Riot Games assures that they had the right budget for it and the perfect team to carry it out. However, they failed. Without delving into what exactly went wrong, the heads of League of Legends did explain what it was. the general situation of the work team Why we had this feeling that League of Legends was on life support…

“For us, 2022 was a rebuilding year. For various reasons, we had to rebuild the League of Legends development team. Some very important staff and members of the team left. The good news is that things are now on a much better state of form. The problem is that the game doesn’t reflect where we are right now, but rather where we were last year.”

Riot Office

Riot Games has announced many changes to its rosters over the past few months.

The first major change proposal from Riot Games is related to the events. The developers have explained their mismanagement in recent years. “League of Legends had a special team to create game modes, and we used them to design the fundamentals of Teamfight Tactics and its maintenance. It was great for TFT, but it cost LoL a lot. We have been gradually rebuilding that team, although to be honest we were not fast enough because we did not prioritize it as much as we should. The good thing is that now everything is assembled and ready to run. This week we have played a prototype for a very promising game mode that will arrive in summer”.

Regarding the new game mode that will arrive in summer, it has been revealed that will face four teams made up of two people in a duel to the death format divided into rounds. It’s still a prototype, but it should star in the big annual League of Legends event. On this it has been revealed that there will be no visual novel, although there will be another type of narrative experience of which no further details have been provided. Despite this, Riot Meddler has assured that in the coming months they will talk more about it regardless of whether it has gone well or not.

“It’s a game mode that involves two teams of four playing against each other in sort of deathmatch-style rounds. In between rounds you can buy items or level up. It’s a bit clunky as a prototype, but it promises a lot “We will provide more details about it, the theme and more next March. Game modes is one of the areas where we can make the most changes and introduce the game in a short period of time.”


Although we will temporarily have to settle for the old game modes, this will be one of the areas with the greatest number of new features.

Additionally, the developers of League of Legends have wanted to ratify their commitment to League of Legends. Although they know that words are no longer enough, they remembered that this is the year in which the game will have the largest budget in its historyAlthough we remember that according to this statement the state of the game reflects the situation of the team in 2022 and not now. This investment has been focused on internal technologies that “unlock a lot of things that we want to do.” Among other things, it has been mentioned that it influences “the method used to develop or create new maps”. Without being a commitment, the phrase inevitably sounds like response to lack of themed Summoner’s Rift in recent years (eg Christmas).

“There are a lot of things going on that focus on the long-term development of League of Legends.”

Finally, from the developer they have recognized their problems when communicating effectively with the community, ensuring that we will soon notice a change. We will know what the developers are working on and how it progresses. Of course, you won’t miss the opportunity to surprise when things are a bit more stable. Regarding this task, have asked the players themselves to make suggestions about what kind of formats they would like to see or read regarding this new stage of League of Legends.

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