Riot Games promises a champion cinematic by 2024

The start of the 13th season of League of Legends has not had the start that Riot Games expected. The developer has had to publicly apologize to its players for the cinematic presentation of the new season, which has disappointed a large part of the community. Three days after apologizing through a thread on Twitter, Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler have revealed that the next one in 2024 will be led by champions.

Jeremy Lee”brightmoon” and Andrei van Roon “Meddler” have addressed the League of Legends community through a video. Both developers have explained the mistakes made by Riot during the season premiere and have revealed news for the future. «We plan to have a cinematic like we’ve done in previous years focused on champions and epic moments for the start of this season. We had the budget for it, we had the right equipment, but we didn’t get it.“Meddler said.

Keeping in mind the importance of kinematics for a part of the community, Meddler has promised that the next one will be focused on champions. In addition, both developers have also revealed some of the news from League of Legends and Riot Games for the future. Brightmoon and Meddler have stated that Riot will spend more time on MOBA technology and improving communication with players. “We know that we have failed to communicate some things that are important to you,” the company said in the publication of the statement.

League of Legends will have a new game mode in summer

Beyond a champion-focused cinematic, the other big news is the promised arrival of a new game mode for next summer. Brightmoon and Meddler have revealed improvements to events and the arrival of a mode that will complement both ARAM and rotaries. As explained by both developers, the mode would feature four teams of two players who would face each other in a match in the style deathmatch by rounds. At the current state of development players can buy and level up between rounds.

Riot Games hopes to be able to publish the game mode on the official servers in the coming summer. Furthermore, both Brightmoon and Meddler have also promised to offer more details on the gameplay around March. However, before the stir with the cinematics, the developer did not fulfill one of its promises with the game modes. Previously Riot promised to have Nexus Blitz again by the end of 2022, but in the end it was not the case since «Parts of the UI experience were “broken” by unrelated work on a different part of the game«.

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