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After his first first year in League of Legends and being one of the best players in the second division, Rebels Gaming acquires the place of G2 Arctic to compete in Superliga in 2023. those of degeachampions of Spain in other disciplines such as VALORANT, landed in a league that does not wait for anyone. With a cocktail of players a priori of profile B, they will try to save the place and who knows if they reach the Playoffs.

Palmares of Rebels Gaming in League of Legends

total titles: 0.

Rebels Gaming Roster for Super League 2023


Role: Top.
Country: Poland.
Date of birth: April 17, 2000.
Most relevant previous teams: Vitality bee, Pride, illuminate Gaming, Qlash Forge, Team Queso, PRIDE.

The Polish player arrives after show clear dominance in the top lane in the second division. With the ability to play all extremely aggressive lines In order to always take advantage, you must work to respect the rival jungle more. The teams know this and take advantage of it to deny the pressure it exerts and get profit. Those of De Gea know what he is capable of since They had to suffer it as a rival and they have him this year. You will have to work a lot top laner of Rebels since the Superliga will have an impressive level in the top lane this 2023.


  • LVP SL Second RS: Spring 2022.
  • LVP SL Second Playoffs: Spring 2022.

Most used champions in 2022:

  • gangplank: 5 games, 40% win, 4.0 KDA
  • gnar: 5 games, 100% win, 14.7 KDA
  • sejuani: 4 games, 70% win, 6.4 KDA
Record 17W9L Gold lead at 15 72% Viewpoints per minute 1.05
win rate 65.4% CS difference at 15 +10.9 wards per minute 0.5
KDA 4.7 Gold difference at 15 +585 damage per minute 505.6
CS per minute 8.3 EXP difference at 15 +224 % Damage 22.7%
gold per minute 419 Participation in the FB 19.2% K+A per minute 0.27
Prayed % 22.2% Victim FB 19.2% only kills 9
Participation in the murders 57.4%   Pentakills 0
R4ven Stats in 2022 competing for Case Esports.


Country: Russia.
Date of birth: April 1, 1999.
Role: Mid.
Most relevant previous teams: Case Esports, Unicorns of Love, Vega Squadron, Dragon Army, Elements Pro Gaming.

The experienced Russian jungler, legend in the russian region after reaping multiple titles and participations in Worlds, He reached the Second Super League to destroy it. Although it started out like this, internal problems prevented him from completing his work in Case Esports. They shouldn’t have been with R4come since they have decided to continue together in the rebel team. Specialized in hunted jungles and small skirmishes, usually exerts a lot of pressure in the early stages of the game. We will have to see how they fit in with the rest of the team.


  • LVP SL Second RS: Spring 2022.
  • LVP SL Second Playoffs: Spring 2022.
  • LCL RS: Summer 2021, summer 2020.
  • LCL Playoffs: Summer 2021, Spring 2021, Summer 2020, Spring 2020, Summer 2019, Spring 2019
  • LCL Open cup: Spring 2020, Spring 2019.
  • Russian e-Sports Cup: 2017.

Most used champions in 2022:

  • viego: 7 games, 57.1% win, 4.2 KDA
  • Trundle: 5 games, 40% win, 6.0 KDA
  • Wukong: 4 games, 50% win, 3.8 KDA
Record 17W 9L Gold lead at 15 60% Viewpoints per minute 1.32
win rate 65.4% CS difference at 15 +3.4 wards per minute 0.3
KDA 5.3 Gold difference at 15 +207 damage per minute 355.2
CS per minute 5.6 EXP difference at 15 +210 % Damage 16%
gold per minute 357 Participation in the FB 42.3% K+A per minute 0.34
Prayed % 18.8% Victim FB 7.7% only kills 6
Participation in the murders 75.5%   Pentakills 0
AHaHaCiK stats in 2022 competing for Case Esports.


Country: Portugal.
Date of birth:October 12, 1998.
Role: Mid.
Most relevant previous teams: KOI, Team BDS, Movistar Esports, G2 Heretics, Giants, KIYF, K1CK.

Veteran control wizard player who has gone through numerous teams on the Spanish scene. after a divided where it did not finish curdling in koi and with the acquisition of the academy of Rogue, they would not count on him and he has ended up with the rebels. he takes a long time competing at the highest level of ERL and will contribute much mettle to a team that needs winners to lay the foundations of the project.


  • LVP SL RS: Summer 2020.
  • LVP SL Playoffs: Summer 2020.
  • OMEN Worten Game Rising Challenge: 2019.
  • LPLOL RS: Split 2 2018.
  • Super League Orange: Season 13.
  • TPL RS: Summer 2017.
  • TPL Playoffs: Summer 2017.
  • LPLOL RS: Split 2 2016, split 1 2016, 2015.
  • LPLOL Playoffs: Split 1 2016.
  • LPLOL Grand Finale: 2015.
  • Iberanime Invitational: 2016.
  • Lisbon Games Week: 2015.
  • Madrid Game Week: 2015.

Most used champions in 2022:

  • oriana: 14 games, 64.3% win, 4.7 KDA
  • Ahri: 10 games, 60% win, 3.6 KDA
  • Victor: 9 games, 66.7% win, 3.5 KDA
Record 38W 31L Gold lead at 15 58% Viewpoints per minute 1.25
win rate 55.1% CS difference at 15 +1.9 wards per minute 0.51
KDA 3.5 Gold difference at 15 -39 damage per minute 540.4
CS per minute 9 EXP difference at 15 -43 % Damage 27.5%
gold per minute 406 Participation in the FB 27.5% K+A per minute 0.26
Prayed % 22.7% Victim FB 11.6% only kills 22
Participation in the murders 69%   Pentakills 0
Xico stats 2022 competing for Team BDS Academy / KOI.


Country: Spain.
Date of birth: ?
Role: Shooter.
Most relevant previous teams: Giants, Heretics, MAD Lions, Movistar Riders, eMonkeyz, BCN Squad.

Compliant shooter found specialized in climbing shooters. After a good summer split with the Rebels, he has won to play with them in the Super League this 2023. Rayito knows the league and he knows that he does not wait for anyone. He will have to show the best version of him so that the rebels can save the place and answer the trust that the club has placed in him. He will share the lane with a very aggressive support such as Obstinatus. A priori they don’t fit much, but Rayito still returns to the most aggressive profile shooters like his tristana.


  • LVP Second division: Season 12.
  • Survival Open: 2018.
  • The Cloud League: Season 1.

Most used champions in 2022:

  • twitch: 7 games, 85.7% win, 6.3 KDA
  • sivir: 7 games, 71.4% win, 17.2 KDA
  • Senna: 6 games, 50% win, 6.9 KDA
Record 23W16L Gold lead at 15 42.1% Viewpoints per minute 1.46
win rate 59% CS difference at 15 -3.9 wards per minute 0.59
KDA 6.8 Gold difference at 15 +99 damage per minute 668.5
CS per minute 7.9 EXP difference at 15 -88 % Damage 31.3%
gold per minute 413 Participation in the FB 23.1% K+A per minute 0.34
Prayed % 23.1% Victim FB 7.7% only kills 3
Participation in the murders 80.9%   Pentakills 0
Rayito’s stats in 2022 competing for Rebels


Country: Portugal.
Date of birth: December 13, 2002
Most relevant previous teams: TP Adequat Academy, Karma Clan Esports, GTZ Bulls, Boavista FC, K1CK sub 20.

It comes from playing a great role in the team of TP Adequat Academy (subsidiary of LDLC OL) and remain on the verge of promotion in the second division of the LFL. It will be in Spain and under the colors of Rebels Gaming in Super League, where will compete in 2023 for the first time in a top-level division. Very aggressive support and specialist in initiation champions, it will be necessary to see if it maintains the level of threat against rivals a priori superiors. In addition, he will play with Rayitowhich could condition his game.


No title records found.

Most used champions in 2022:

  • Rakan: 13 games, 46.2% win, 5.5 KDA
  • nautilus: 10 games, 60% win, 2.4 KDA
  • Renata Glasc: 7 games, 57.1% win, 3.9 KDA
Record 28W 24L Gold lead at 15 55.8% Viewpoints per minute 3.01
win rate 53.8% CS difference at 15 -0.3 wards per minute 1.68
KDA 3.3 Gold difference at 15 +111 damage per minute 175.5
CS per minute EXP difference at 15 +52 % Damage 8.1%
gold per minute 246 Participation in the FB 38.5% K+A per minute 0.41
Prayed % 13.4% Victim FB 23.1% only kills 0
Participation in the murders 79.5%   Pentakills 0
Obstinatus stats in 2022 competing for TP Adequat Academy.


Country: Netherlands.
Role: Coach.
Most relevant previous teams: River Plate, Team cheese, Arena cheese.

Ivan will continue after a great job in SL Segunda next to the club of the rebels. After the failure in divided spring, De Gea’s men recruited him along with several signings for the roster with whom I create a very competitive team. So much so that they stayed one map away in the last BO5 of the season, sadly tainted by controversy. This year he receives more competitive pieces but for a higher league. We will have to see what he is capable of together with Rebels this 2023 in the Super League.

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