The 5 best off-brand Fortnite games to play online

There may not be a single game that has elevated an entire genre to become a cultural phenomenon the way Fortnite has for battle royales. From its building mechanics to the innovative battle pass system, the title’s features have inspired the creation of several apparent lookalikes. Although most fail to find their own identity, there are a few games that have managed to make a name for themselves. Here are the five best off-brand Fortnite games to play and how they differ from battle royale, listed in alphabetical order.

What are the best off-brand Fortnite games?

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Despite having its own pixel art style, mimics Fortnite in more ways than one. The online title features a 15-player battle royale mode, custom box fights, and of course a 1v1 mode, all in which you can build and loot. It’s also quite generous for players who want to build their cosmetic collection, as Skins can be purchased with LOL Coins or earned by spinning your shop’s prize wheel daily.

Build Royale

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There’s a reason Build Royale always seems to have hundreds of players online at once. The flash game shakes up the Fortnite formula by providing players with a unique top camera angle and a batch of weird and deadly weapons of its own. However, it also has several familiar features. Those who need to dodge shots can build structures however they see fit. In addition, you will discover a large number of structures already standing, as your map shows a collection of various locations.

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Krunker Cover

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Krunker is an all-in-one shooter that arguably offers more than even the game that inspired it. In addition to the Battle Royale Last Man Standing mode, players can also delve into Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, and even Hardpoint modes. The game also sets itself apart with the unique twist of giving each character only a specific set of weapons to choose from, leaving players to decide how they go in each match.


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If you’re looking for a great Fortnite alternative on Xbox, PC, or mobile, your attention should be focused on nothing more than Roblox’s own Strucid. Accumulating over 491 million views, the title has a colorful art style and exquisite building mechanics, which combine to create an addictive shooter on the platform. Better yet, the title also uses the battle pass and shop features to lend players new skins almost every day, ranging from monsters to military soldiers.

real zombies

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Gamepur screenshot

As one of the most popular flash games on the market, Zombs Royale has built a huge following for turning the success of Fortnite into a solid 2D experience. Like the latter, the game manages to sustain 100-player matches with a gigantic map and over a dozen different weapons to discover each season. However, the most impressive thing about Zombs Royale is that it is updated almost every month and offers a new season, battle pass and game mechanics, which finally indicates that it has no signs of slowing down.


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