The crossover between Fortnite and Family Guy is still underway according to new leaks

Published: 2023-01-14T14:00:51

Updated: 2023-01-14T14:00:55

The latest leaks indicate that Epic Games is still developing content for a crossover between Fortnite and Family Guy.

The first clues we had about a collaboration between Fortnite and Family Guy we had it in February 2021. A list with very suspicious code names had appeared on the internet.

The code name “FrenchFry” appeared on it, leading many to believe that it was a reference to a Family Guy skin.

However, we didn’t have any further information until April 2022 when an Unreal Engine presentation accidentally revealed various future Fortnite content.

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During the video, the names of the files flashed briefly on the computer screen, some alluding to characters that had already appeared in Fortnite such as Darth Vader, the Doom Slayer and Indiana Jones. Most revealing is that the name of Family Guy also appeared on the list.

New leaks suggest that the crossover of Family Guy and Fortnite is being developed

The data leakers GMatrixGames Y FNAssist They have revealed that “for a few updates” Epic has continued to work on cosmetics under the name “FrenchFry”. Interestingly, these specific cosmetics now have a new ID, according to the leakers: “CID_TBD_Athena_Commando_M_FrenchFry”.

The article continues after the announcement.

Although the new name tag does not offer any concrete details, FNAssist believes that it refers to a male character. This could be the main protagonist i.e. Peter Griffin.

At the time of writing this news, Epic Games has yet to say anything about the rumored collaboration between Family Guy and Fortnite. However, the evidence continues to emerge. Even so, there is still no data on when it could reach the Battle royale.

It seems that we will have to wait even longer to know all the details in full. As soon as we know, we will inform about it. Stay tuned to our page!

The article continues after the announcement.

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