The Malaga indie ‘Delirium’ sets a date for its release on PC and PlayStation

It will be released on February 3. Deliriumthe delirious first-person graphic adventure from the Malaga studio Black Gate Studio, developed with the support of PlayStation Talents. It will be released digitally for PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Store).

It’s fun and original adventure game Point & click style presents the story of Lola and her brother Danny, two rebellious teenagers who want to escape from the madness that is happening in their own home.

The players They must use all their ingenuity to solve puzzles, explore various settings and meet peculiar characters. At the same time they will also be able to interact with the setting to examine objects, collect them and combine them with different ones to advance in the story.

Its creators emphasize that Delirium is loaded with humor and references to the pop culture, including video games, comics, movies and series; as well as paying homage to classics of the genre with a striking cel-shading graphic style and a wide variety of mini-games.

Although we will still have to wait a bit to immerse ourselves in what promises to be a very fun adventure, players can already add Delirium to your wish list at Steam Y PS Store.

Xbox and Bethesda have announced the celebration of Developer Direct, a digital event that will feature the games that will arrive in the coming months on PC, Xbox and Game Pass; and with confirmation that they will be Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, redfall and the next chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Are news will be presented by the developers themselves of the games, and will focus on “important features, detailed gameplay demos, and the latest information on Xbox video games that will be released in the coming months,” Xbox says in its statement.

On the part of Bethesda it has been confirmed that Starfield will not be present at the eventsince they are preparing an independent program that has the necessary time to delve into its expected launch.

After the Developer Direct ends, Zenimax Online Studios will carry out the independent ESO Chapter Reveal eventin which they will offer details about the next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online and other details “that the players are wanting to know.”

Developer Direct will be held on January 25, 2023 at 21:00 CET and will be viewable on the Xbox and Bethesda YouTube and Twitch channels. We will be attentive to tell you all the news of the event!

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