Young people from Algeciras, called to participate in the Games of the Strait of e-sports

Arango invites young people from Algeciras to join the team that will represent the city in the Games of the Strait of e-sports

Many young people like electronic games and now they have a way to show it. The Councilor for Youth, Francisco Arango, has encouraged young people from Algeciras interested in e-sports to apply for the team that will represent the city in the ‘Clash of Straight’ Games of the Strait.

This initiative comes from the club’msfs esports’ and the ‘Gibraltar Esports & Video Gaming Association’ (GEVGA), with the aim of creating a Games of the Straits focused on electronic sports, which allows young people from all over Campo de Gibraltar, Ceuta, Melilla and northern Morocco to come together. . This event will be broadcast on the channel twitch of MSF sports, and will be held every four months. Competitive leagues of the Valorant, FIFA, Rocket league and League of Legends video games will be established.

Thus, the mayor has informed that they can only be part of the team that will compete under the banner of Algeciras young people from the city, as well as San Martin del Tesorillo, Jimena de la Frontera and Castellar, Because they are municipalities that have a population of less than 10,000 inhabitants, it would be difficult for them to form collective teams. Candidates must register with the association by sending an application email to, or contacting them through @MSFSesports on Twitter and @msfsesports on Instagram. You can also find out at the Youth Delegation of the Algeciras City Councillocated in the Old Military Hospital, on Alfonso XI street.

Arango has encouraged interested young people from Algeciras to sign up, since “this is a great opportunity for our city to become a benchmark in a sport discipline that is booming and that every day has a greater scope”, he also added that “I am sure that we will be able to form a competitive e-sports team that will highlight the great talent of our land”.

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