Amouranth will be at Squid Craft Games 2 after Rubius’ invitation

The second part of the Squid Craft Games is about to drop and Rubius has been in charge of inviting one of the most relevant people on the platform, Amouranth. The hit Twitch series of 2022, which is nominated to win an ESLAND Award and is among the favorites of the category, will return soon with many new features.

Amouranth dedicates part of his time on stream to playing Minecraft so Rubius did not hesitate to suggest his participation through a Twitter md. She replied that she would be interested in talking about it and it was days later when He accepted the invitation live.

Last year the series of Minecraft He obtained the official rights of the television show of the moment. In said edition, 150 content creators participated and the prize was a pot of 100,000 dollars for a single winner. For the second part, the organizers want to raise the numbers and go to 200 international content creatorsnot only Spanish-speaking, and therefore, the prize will also be greater.

We know the work that went into the first edition between the technical team, organizers and all the people who put their voices to give the series a more real touch. For the second edition and as Rubius already told Amouranth, English-speaking streamers will have audio and instructions in English so that your experience is the same as that of the other content creators.

The invitations have already been sent and Amouranth is therefore the first of many other international streamers who will participate in the second edition of the Squid Craft Games. xokas and OllieGamerz They starred in the final of the first squid games, reaching record numbers on different Twitch channels. With all the hype this created, the date for the second edition It is eagerly awaited by all viewers.

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