ARAM and URF’s big problem: massive complaints about death timers

A few weeks ago, just when the changes went into the mode Aram and the rework the way With various adjustments, the community applauded Riot’s decision, with an insatiable desire to try all these changes.

As the days go by, the hype in the community has not only faded, along with the idea of ​​competitive ARAM, but the disappointment has grown and, right now, communities like Reddit catalog ARAM mode like a dead mode.

Changes in ARAM 2023

And it is that there is a specific change that the ARAM and URF community has not liked at all after playing games during these weeks, and they are the death timers or times of death until respawn.

Riot Games added several seconds to the ARAM kill timeradding +2 seconds at level 3, +5 seconds at level 4-8, and +4 seconds at level 9, capped at +3 seconds from levels 10-18.

The problem is, when you’re in the 15th or 20th minute of ARAM, if you have a bad fight and your whole team dies, you can give up the map because the respawn times are huge.

All ARAM players have been complaining about this since the reworkbecause they believe that it is extremely boring to die in a mode in which you fight constantly and lose the game at a key moment for it.

In fact, it is normal to respawn in 40 seconds at minute 30 of the game, but for this to be normal at 15 or 20 is out of control, something that also happens in URF mode, which is also designed to be fast and frenetic.

URF in ARAM in 11.3

The solution for the community is to revert these changes, perhaps leaving the hexportals to give more dynamism to return to the game, or including them from a moment in which the timers are longer.

In fact, there are players who even propose a way in which ARAM does not have death timerswhich would mean a constant fight on the battlefield, giving him frenzy and fighting throughout the game.

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