Family Guys’ Peter Griffin is coming to Fortnite soon

2022 was a great year for Fortnite crossovers and it seems that Epic Games does not want 2023 to be left behind, as a recent leak suggests that we will soon see a skin of Peter Griffin from Family Guy in the battle royale shop. Said skin was leaked with the code name “FrenchFry” and it is believed that it will arrive soon to Fortnite.

Rumors of a Family Guy Peter Griffin skin in Fortnite began in April of last year, when skins for Darh Vader, Indiana Jones, and the Doom Slayer leaked, and have been coming to the game ever since. The last of these skins that we saw was that of the Doom Slayer that is part of the Battle Pass of the current season.

When the leak was made, it was known that Indiana Jones and Darth Vader were about to arrive at the Fortnite battle royale, but it was not yet known if the Doom Slayer and Peter Griffin skins from Family Guy were confirmed. After the arrival of the Doom Slayer in Chapter 4 of Fortnite and the new leak, it seems that Peter Griffin is about to arrive at the battle royale.

Being a character from an animated series, we may see Peter Griffin with a visual style similar to Rick & Morty and the anime characters that have made their way into the game. However, it only remains to wait for an official announcement to find out if it is true that Family Guy’s Peter Griffin will arrive as a skin in the game and what he will look like.

Since the FrenchFry codename originated from some Family Guy textures found within Fortnite, recent leaks of cosmetics tied to this codename are believed to point to a Peter Griffin skin coming to battle royale. Either way, all that remains is to wait for an official announcement from Epic Games.

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