Fortnite: Flare has returned to the store with a surprise offer

The De Lava Series figure has been re-released with its own batch and at a greatly reduced price for certain players.

Flare It is one of the most appreciated skins because it is a variant of one of the first characters that appeared in Fortnite. However, for players who participated in the Reboot Campaign of the last season of Chapter 3, they will now be able to purchase it at a huge discount.

In the last few hours the battle royale item shop was updated and relaunched the Lava Series version of Renegade Raider. In this case, not only can it be purchased individually, but it already has its own pack of hot cosmetics.

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This is what the Flare bundle contains with its items and prices separately:

  • Renegade Llama Lot – 2000 V-Bucks
    • Flare outfit (includes the Arsonist retro backpack) – 1500 V-Bucks
    • Hang Glider Burning Descent – ​​800 PaVos
    • Brand New Wrapping – 500 PaVos
    • Red Hot Revenge Pickaxe – 500 Turkeys

The striking thing about it all is the discount it has for those who own the cosmetics of the Reset Campaign established in season 4 of Chapter 3. If you do not have Flare, the package will cost you a total of 200 paVosthat is, at a gift price for what is frequented for sale in Fortnite.

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At the same time, other characters came out that had not seen the light of day in the object store for a long time. One is Snowfoot which was re-released in the Snow Clan bundle along with Snowy Attack. And the other is Accurate Shot, which was last seen here in mid-2019.

As for the latest Campaign Reboots, the one released in the current Chapter 4, they are part of the Focal Point set. In other words, in the event that the Focus skin and his Fixation pickaxe came out in a package, there would be a discount for those who have the hang glider, emoticon and the packaging.

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