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Fortnite has made matches more relentless with Reality Augments, special features that add more dynamism to character performance. However, the developers of Epic Games did not have the exploits that something like this can cause in the games and someone has realized the trick to win unlimited times.

The cheat requires you to collect various items in a match of Fortnite. Starting with Med-Mist, players can easily find this item by searching chests and rummaging through loot on the floor. You will need to collect a total of two or three Med-Mists.

Next, players will want to try and get the boost. Soaring Sprints (by running, you will be able to jump much higher, and you will be able to jump in zero gravity). Since the Random Number Generator (RNG) comes into play, this is the hardest item on the list to obtain. Luckily, with the ability to retrigger augments using gold bars, players “should” be able to get it early in the late game.

The last item to obtain on the list is The Dub, which can be purchased from the Fortnite NPC known as Surrr Burger for 600 gold bars. He can be found in Anvil Square.

FORTNITE | How to activate the cheat

The first thing is to wait for the last circle of storms to form and perform a dash jump from flat or high ground, moving downward. Then equip the Dub, aim at the ground and shoot. Repeat this step to gain airtime and wait for the storm to wipe out the rivals on the map. So you don’t die waiting, use the Med-Mist until you are the last in the race.

The trick may well be patched over the days. You run the risk of being banned by Fortnite in case players report the exploit.

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