Gen.G CEO indicates that 30% of teams will not survive in the next two years due to “esports winter”

The sector of esports It has had exponential growth in recent years, there are multiple competitions, teams and organizations linked to this industry, but there is concern about a negative outbreak that will affect the economic status of some clubs.

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According to Esportmaniacos, regarding League of Legends there is concern about the new schedule and the economic status of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)On the other hand, Rekkles, a Fnatic player, is scared by the economic inflation encouraged by some teams. From the Korean scene, Arnold Hur CEO of Gen.G, through Reddit indicated that “I am extremely concerned. I’ve been saying that the winter of esports arrived, but I never thought it would be so cold. Now I have changed my thinking and I think 30% of esports teams won’t survive in the next two years”.

Regarding the Korean league, League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK)the CEO highlights the inflation that exists, due to the marketing cuts of the big brands. He believes that the sponsorships that run the risk of ending are those of esports, which for many companies represent the most “experimental”.

“This year the average cost of a player has surpassed even the LPL/LCS, especially for top tier players. Every year we have been first or second in sponsorships and even then it is not enough to cover the cost of the players. He claimed on Reddit.

He thinks that leagues that depend on sponsorships or media they will not survive the future of esportsfor this they must find a profitable way of create digital income opportunities. Likewise, Hur is optimistic because of the awareness that exists, “for the first time in my history in esports there is a very strong thought from top to bottom that the economic model of esports of ‘we’ll figure it out later’ doesn’t work.”

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