Is the new Fortnite skin a JoJoreference?

In Fortnite there is a new look and the fans of the game they believe that Epic Games has added a JoJoreference. Is the series hirohiko araki in the battle royale of ps4PS5, Switch, Xbox, pcSteam Deck, Android and iOS?

There are some striking similarities, especially for people who follow the series and/or are somewhat familiar with its style; since it is very particular and ingenious.

On Twitter, these fans share their thoughts on the new Fortnite skin called Hana, recently added to the Item Shop; draw your own conclusions.

The general consensus seems to be that they have been inspired by the Jolyne Cujoh’s character, protagonist of Stone Ocean. As he Tweet original as the Spanish are full of references and memes to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Some comparisons are obvious, like the dark blue hair and suit with green tones. The only thing missing is the unique headdress that Jolyne wears in the anime, but references are one thing and copies are another.

The similarities are almost certainly coincidental because Fortnite has a proven track record of official anime crossovers.

Can you imagine a JoJo skin for the Fortnite map?

Hana’s outfit with Kelerites, her demon attire, is available right now in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks along with an alternate look featuring a racing helmet that takes her a bit away from the Jolyne comparisons.

Addressing it is part of the excitement. Beating the demon inside him is what requires skill.“Said the original tweet in Spanish that could be seen by Epic Games.

Although not everything is good news for the game and its creator, Epic Games was sentenced to pay a record fine of 520 million dollars for violating the rules of protection of minors in Fortnite.

For now Hana is already available on the Fortnite Item Shop along with Keleritas, her demon outfit so that it can be worn in the Epic Games Battle Royale.

It is unknown until when this aspect will be available, so whoever wants it to play a bit like Jolyne from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure I’d better get it as soon as possible.

Epic may be collecting feedback for a collaboration with jojoBecause there are already My Hero Academia, Naruto, Dragon Ball…

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