Leaked a playable prototype of Left 4 Dead by Counter Strike: Source

I know filter a prototype Left 4 Dead playable created by Turtle Rock Studiosis playable and the prelude to what would be Left 4 Dead 2. The game for the digital store of Valve enjoyable in pc and the Steam Deck had a very different initial look.

It is a very early version of the zombie game -which almost does not have them- it is a state where at least it can be played, allowing a little first-person view of the original concept of the studio whose last game was Back 4 Blood.

According to what we read through GamesRadar+ from what self-described video game information seeker Tyler McVicker has compiled, it is a “historic leak“.

In fact, he claims it’s the first the world has seen (besides Valve and Turtle Rock) about the game outside of a small number of screenshots.

In a detailed video essay, the YouTuber explains how a map called Zombie City and developed first in Counter-Strike: Source and later Condition Zero in the 2000s it became the Valve’s iconic multiplayer zombie shooter.

It is not clear who has leaked it, but ZOmbie City is now a playable mod in Counter-Strike: Source which can be downloaded; As is obvious, here you will not see a link.

Left 4 Dead and its prototype surprise even Bill himself


Valve’s Terror-Strike map just leaked

The screenshots of the leaked map show a very rudimentary map with few details and at that moment no zombies, only 4 players in cooperative against counter-terrorists in melee combat.

You don’t have to disarm bombs, just survive their attack and reach the end. This original concept was the one Turtle Rock proposed to the co-founder and current president of Valve, Gabe Newell.

This was in essence what led the company to give the green light to the project and the relationship and subsequent acquisition of Turtle Rock by Valve.

In terms of leaks, this is quite important since it reviews the origins of a cooperative classic such as Left 4 Dead.

Others valve games that have also seen leaks are, for example, Half-Life 2 with its canceled episode or the new Half-Life starring Alyx Vance which would be Half-Life Alyx.

Now that it’s been filtered this Left 4 Dead prototype that is also playableWill it be played a lot on PC?

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