LoL: 5 tips to avoid tilting during the beginning of the ranked in Season 13

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The youseason 13 of League of Legends has already begun, and despite the fact that it has started with some disappointment for various reasons, such as the cinematic that welcomed this season, many players have already begun the adventure of playing their ten positioning games, and it is necessary to remember that this year there is a double victorious skin with the reset of elo in the middle of 2023.

For this, the most popular MOBA ranked server is Solo/Duo, and a good part of players start these maps without having anyone to communicate with. Unfortunately, toxic players they are not rare on Summoner’s Rift, like AFKs or trolls and that you would want to roll an FF for at minute 15. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your cool and for the start of the competitive season, we remind you five great tips that will serve to control the tilt.

The /mute all: basic but effective

This is the simplest advice, but surely the most effective. In League of Legends, chat is used to communicate with teammates, and ideally we would only find valuable information (Flash or Ultimate timers) and encouragement. Unfortunately, the chat it also serves as a stress reliever and some do not hesitate to insult other players, teammates and opponents.

The worry is that even for the most callous among us, it can quickly become a hell and that the game will make you eternal. We recently came across a player who was counting all failed skill shots. Therefore, it is best to mute all the chat. Some do it on the first alert, others do it automatically at the start of the game. It’s radical, but it allows you to be calm and focus on you and your line.

Take advantage of the duoQ

When we talk about the ranking, due to misuse of language we are talking mainly about the only Q . But actually, it is also possible to join the queue with a friend, doing duoQ . Being able to play with a partner, usually a friend, has a double advantage:

  • If your friend knows how to behave, you are less likely to fall for a toxic player. Also, they can support each other during the game.
  • It also helps to develop strategies or combos. In addition to increasing your chances of victory, it makes the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Choose your game hours wisely

Unfortunately, there are no specific studies on this subject, but you don’t need to have a degree in mathematics to know that depending on the time of play, the number and type of players is not the same. Therefore, we recommend that you do not play in the early morning… At this time of night, there is a greater chance of running into toxic players, not to mention those who play drunk on their way back from the night. The morning, on the other hand, is usually quieter since many gamers play late at night. Also, that time is good, since one of the game peaks is also in the afternoon, when young people leave their high school or university classes and go directly to the server

know when to stop

Without entering into the debate LoserQ Y the algorithmYou have to know how to stop on time. After losing, it’s often tempting to want to leave with a good taste in your mouth. But this is often how losing streaks start in your match history. The leaderboard is not built or finished overnight, so wait, rest and start again the next day with renewed strength.

Some dodgeos in the long run taste better than a win

League of Legends

dodge in Ranked penalizes quite a lot in the first 10 games of the Season. Once finished, if you leave a ranked queue “only” you lose 3 LP, if it is an isolated case. Losing 3 LP is a penalty, but sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your teammates start insulting each other during the selection phase and someone is having fun playing Disco Nunu In between cleaning and barrier, it is best to retire on time. The system allows it and instead of wasting time, 20 LP and going crazy, it may be necessary in some situations. The mind will also thank you.

And you, what trick do you use to avoid tilting on Summoner’s Rift? Leave it to us in the comments

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