LPL: This was Ruler’s Pentakill in his debut with JD Gaming

At the start of the LPL, Ruler took a pentakill against BLG, in what was his winning debut at JD Gaming.

This Saturday, the most important League of Legends competition in China got underway and has already left us with great moments. On the first day, JD Gaming defeated Bilibili 2-1 and Ruler took a Pentakillin what it meant LPL debut. The Korean shooter stomped on his arrival in a new region and also he conquered the two MVPs of his team.

After an intense transfer market and the celebration of the Season Kickoff, the competitive season of League of Legends officially began. In this case, the first major league to see action was the LPL, who played his first day this Saturday. The opening match had the Team WE victory over FunPlus Phoenix 2-1. Besides, Invictus Gaming prevailed 2-0 against Anyone’s Legend in the second turn. However, the highlight of the day was in the last meeting, where Ruler debuted at JD Gaming with a Pentakillwhich served for his team to defeat Bilibili 2-1.

After his departure from Gen.G, the adaptation of the Korean shooter to the LPL became a mystery to fans. Despite sharing a team with his compatriot kanaviRuler also has companions to 369, knight and Missing, of Chinese nationality. In any case, this did not weigh on the world champion in 2017 at all, who made his debut in the best possible way. In his first game, he took the MVP with Sivir (8/1/13) and was key to the 1-0 of his team, contributing a quadruple murder. Likewise, Bilibili responded by putting parity on the scoreboard, thus forcing the last game. In this last, Ruler decided to top his performance in game one and closed out the series with a Pentakill on Varus.

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In short, JD Gaming began its journey with a triumph and Korean does not seem to have undergone adaptation to a new league. If you want to follow all the LPL action, you can always do so on Twitch.

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