Overwatch 2 has a new and dangerous bug with Kiriko as the protagonist

Overwatch 2 is gradually establishing itself as a game as a service, attending to its persistence over time under a free to play model. The hero shooter still has a long way to go and it will not end after its Season 2, but a new bug has targeted Kiriko for his abrupt departure from the map.

The last of the trio of new characters in this pre-Ramattra sequel, the heroine can teleport to your side with her secondary ability. One that, pressing the SHIFT button, he can even go through buildings to get to the battle. However, that same movement seems to generate certain collisions with the structures and send the character off the map.

A bug that the user CraawL has echoed with a clear, concise and short video showing a problem that, if repeated regularly, could send the Japanese to the workshop. And it is that, Blizzard is not having a problem in restricting the use, even removing, of certain characters with a view to solving the biggest errors in the game.

At the moment, and according to Reddit, the players do not seem to be having many problems with the supportalthough if we take a look at the publications, this bug is not new. Several players published this error 2 months ago and many others say it has been fixed with the patch midseason from last week.

Overwatch 2 debuts today a new mode for its competitive with unique challenges and rewards

Be that as it may, we will have to be aware because it is not the first bug that the heroine has to face in her short life. Last year, shortly after the game was released, the Brigitte-Kiriko combination was extremely dangerous and criticized for a similar bug that made her cross the map.

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