Player Spends Over $6,000 On Fortnite To Show What You Can Do With 690,000 V-Bucks

Microtransactions in video games are a business that on the one hand is criticized by a large part of the community, but at the same time they generate millions of dollars in profits every year. All because a large number of players in this community spend their money on their favorite titles, one of the most popular being the battle royale Fortnite.

Epic shooter where some players can normally spend tens of dollars or hundreds if we talk about users who are too fanatical, an expense that one player wanted to take to the extreme as he told in a Reddit post, buying 690,000 V-Bucks (or PaVos in Spanish), which is equivalent to approximately $6,000.

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Something that, according to the account in the post, he carried out as an experiment to show everything that can be bought with that amount of virtual money from Fortnite. This is how the nick player JMurker315 has almost half of the 1450 outfits available in the game, as well as having exclusive OG skins like Blue Squire and The Reaper from Chapter 1 – Season 2 and 3.

The fan also indicated that he has in his possession 550 emotes, 306 gliders and 570 pickaxes, which he has obtained by spending the $6,000 dollars in the game, which apparently could be much more since he also has many skins that he bought with real money for free. direct.

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