Pokémon world map: Which is the favorite of Colombians

(TV Tokyo)
(TV Tokyo)

The phenomenon Pokemon continues to cross the borders between reality and fiction. First were the pokemon centers crammed with merchandise, every time a new video game or generation was released.

In 2016, collective hysteria overcame him due to the launch of Pokémon Gowhich, for the first time, took gamers off console and onto the streets to collect their favorite characters.

And, now, the fandom of the series, using as criteria the number of searches for Pokémon in each country, created a pokemon world map.

As a result, on a map geographically correct The most Googled Pokémon of each country is shown. Being, indisputably, Pikachu the most sought after globally.

This, like other curiosities, has been discovered and made available to Internet users by the fandom of the series. Fans who willingly spend their free time researching and consuming material about the Pokémon world, its creatures, and the announcements made from the franchise.

One of them, @Patterz on Twitter, gave us an unofficial version of the Pokémon world map, which sets the imagination of fans of the franchise soaring.

“Pikachu’s position as the figurehead of the franchise is undeniable, but why do Pokémon have a special affinity for different countries? We analyzed Google search data to identify Pokémon with which each country has a unique interest, ”she specified once she shared the results of her research.

Among the most sought after are first generation Pokemon such as Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

But there are also countries with more “exotic” tastes like Mozambique, where the crown is Gloom, a plant poison type pokemon.

Or Australia, where the winner is the four-armed hefty man who resembles a wrestler: Machamp.

And what to say about the African Republic of Seychelles, in the southeast of the continent, where the Parasect crab pokemon leads the parade and sets a unique trend in the world.

A social exercise which reveals the different tastes between nations, even speaking of pokemons.


The pokemon that represents Colombia on the map is squirtlea small water-type pokemon that resembles a turtle and caused several headaches for the now pokemon master Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town.

But that, in the end, he managed to win her heart when a specimen decided to leave the squirtle squad to join him for over 100 episodes, before returning to head his team.

Squirtles harden their shells after hatching, so they can withstand almost any attack without taking damage.

They tend to hide inside their shell when they are afraid and although it is quite hard, it also has elastic propertiesso it can bounce.

evolves into Wartortle and finally in blastoisestage in which two large cannons are formed on top of its shell, to shoot powerful jets of water with which it can break concrete walls and thin metal structures.

And, as if that were not enough, almost all fire equipment They count a Blastoise in their ranks, as they shoot enough water to fill three Olympic-sized swimming pools in one minute.

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