Rumor: Epic prepares collaboration of Fortnite with Lego

A possible creative mode inspired by the popular color blocks is coming to Fortnite thanks to a collaboration with Lego.

One of the great attractions that the battle royale of Epic Games are the special collaborations it achieves with popular culture, such as movies, singers and other games. According to rumors, the developer is already working on a new one and Fortnite’s next collaboration would be with Lego.

Rumors about Fortnite collaborations are a constant on the networks, thanks to the multiple leaks suffered by the Epic game. Most end up being real and we see players enjoying them, as was the case with Naruto and Dragon Ball z. The next surprise will be related to the mythical colored bricks.

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The data miners GMatrix Games public on their social networks Epic Games is working on the next collaboration of Fortnite which will be with Legos. This will be for a creative 2.0 game mode, in which colored bricks will be the base of the map. “This work is being done on the test servers.”

The leaker even speculated that it could be an entire LEGO island coming to the game, though he didn’t make anything clear. Although the rumor is not certain, the data miners added the test server code that includes LEGO assets, so it points to being a reality.

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Creative 2.0 is a new, more complex version of Fortnite’s creative mode editor, which is known as “Unreal Editor for Fortnite” as well. This will debut in January 2023 and will allow players to create more personalized game content and make it available to other users.

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