Ryze stars in the comeback of Season 13 hitting it in high and competitive elo

Ryze is one of the most controversial characters in League of Legends history due to the problems he has generated. Despite having periods with very low win rates in only queue, the champion was positioned as one of the best teams at a professional level. Over the years, he has passed through the Riot Games workshop several times and has had reworks. However, it may change again in the future because Rune Sorcerer is currently positioned as one of the best mids in the metagame.

After a season in which he was more of a resource than a dominant pick, Ryze has staged a comeback and settled fully into the Season 13 meta. According to data from U.GG, the champion currently has a win rate of 49.91%. However, their win rate it has fallen once it has become popular again, since previously it reached 50.24%. Probuilds leaves Rune Sorcerer as the fourth best pick in the metagame for pro players, as he has a pick rate of 14.9% and a win rate of 58.1% among high elo players.

Ryze’s return is due to one key factor: his items. The Rune Sorcerer has regained prominence within the Summoner’s Rift thanks to the following build: Rod of Ages, Seraph’s Embrace, and Rabadon’s Deathcap. First of all, these three items leave the mid with almost 500 magic ability points in the case of scaling correctly. In addition, the Rod and the Seraph give the stamina that the character needs by not having as much range compared to other mages.

The importance of Rod of Ages and Seraph’s Embrace is also brought about by the additional damage they offer the champion. Ryze’s passive converts a portion of the mana he has into bonus damage on his spells. Therefore, both Rod and Seraph offer a much more powerful scaling compared to mages who don’t have this buff. During the first day of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) champion has been banned six times and has played two games, winning both. Its evolution within the metagame will be marked by the priority it has in the rest of the regions.

The benefits that Ryze brings to Summoner’s Rift are varied. First of all, the Rune Sorcerer has a good laning phase and a great ability to facilitate attacks. ganks from his jungle. Also, it’s great for playing around the jungle because it has a great wave clear that allows it to beat the pressure. On the other hand, his ult allows him to rotate to the side lanes quickly to help out. It is precisely there that he shines in the mid games, as he can quickly push and jump into a global fight. All in all, Rune Sorcerer offers everything high elo players want.

Ryze’s runes, build and skill order according to Rookie, Top Esports outlet | Screenshot via Probuilds

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