S1mple was named Best Player of the Year 2022

On January 14, as every year, the HLTV Awards were held to recognize the best of the 2022 CS:GO events, where the pro player born in Ukraine, Oleksandr ‘S1mple’ Kostyliev made history on the scene after winning recognition for Best Player of the Year, the event’s most important award.

The leader of the main staff of Na’Vi He became the first player to win the award for best player three times, being in 2018 and 2021 the previous years in which he also got it.

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What was obtained at the esports organization level

S1mple won the grand final of the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 with Natus Vincere, despite being the only tournament in which he was crowned, the player also played the finals of the Antwerp Major and the Intel Extreme Master in Cologne.

Single Performance in 2022, S1mple

kostyliev he led several of the personal stats lists among all players in the competitive Counter Strike Global Offensive scene, boasting a 21.6% round with more than one kill, as well as an average kill per round of 0.83. He was third on the rating list with his 1.26 being third.

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The days are already counting for the start of the new competitive season of the best professional circuits of Counter Strike and the different electronic sports competitions, so the players and organizations began to restructure their planning for the following tournaments of the year.

List of the best 10 players of CS:GO 2022, according to the HLTV Awards

s1mple (Na’Vi)

ZywOo (Vitality)

sh1ro (Cloud9)

Ax1Le (Cloud9)

Niko (G2 Esports)

Broky (FaZe Clan)

m0NESY (G2 Esports)

ropz (FaZe Clan)


Stavn (Heroic)

When does the first CS:GO tournament start?

The Blast Premier Spring Groups. will start from January 19 to the 29 of this month, where the best 12 organizations will seek to be crowned champion of the event and obtain six classifications at CS:GO Spring Finale and the grand prize of a pool accumulated in the tournament, which will deliver a little more than 177 thousand dollars.

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