Season 13 support trend dominating the bot lane

Ashe is one of the first champions that can come to mind when thinking about League of Legends. The shooter is an icon of the video game, but over time she has lost prominence in her position due to the appearance of new characters. One of the factors for which she stands out is mobility, something that the Ice Archer has never had in her kit of skills. However, it has now become popular in only queue thanks to his new position: support.

According to data from Probuilds, Ashe is currently the third best pick among high elo players thanks to her new hole at the position of support. The platform ensures that the selection rate is 17.6% and the win rate is 64.4%. Your build The main one is formed by the Imperial Mandate (to amplify the damage of its allies) and the Punki Mechanosword to apply serious wounds. To enhance the laning phase, Ice Archer is played with Rain of Blades as the primary rune.

Nevertheless, the great value for which Ashe has become popular as support it’s his ultimate ability. Pro players prioritize cooldown reduction so they can use the champion as a primary initiator with her arrow. With Ultimate Hunter as her rune and the Ionia Boots of Lucidity, the marksman reaches a 46 second cooldown on the first level of her last. In addition to the fact that his cooldown is further reduced as the game goes on, one virtue is the fact that he can play with the range to be able to start fights.

The great difficulty of the champion when playing her as support it’s his positioning, the same reason he isn’t played as much as ADC. A false foot can mean a hunt in favor of the rival team, something that leaves your respective team in numerical inferiority. Just as the Archer offers range tools for both damage, vision and initiation, it is extremely important to control the movements so as not to fall victim to facecheck. Therefore, some players opt for Spells like Barrier or Ghost to increase their survivability.

Ashe support runes, build and skill order played by Keria, T1 support | Screenshot via Probuilds

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