Steam breaks record for connected players on the platform

Steam had a record weekend of connected users on Valve’s platform, once again demonstrating its strong presence in the gaming community.

It is reported that 10 million concurrent players in the game for the first time in addition to that at the same time surpassed 32 million concurrent online users.

According to SteamDB, Valve’s platform amassed 10,082,055 active players in the game and 32,186,301 concurrent online users on Saturday, January 7.

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The latter are people who were online, but not necessarily playing a game, beating previous records.

But that’s not all, Steam has already broken the record for concurrent online users in the last 24 hours since SteamDB’s initial announcement.

Well, that same Saturday it had a historical peak of 33,078,963 users according to data from the database website.

The growth of Steam

Steam has had a brutal growth since 2020, where it is evident that the pandemic derived from Covid-19 influenced such an increase.

During the month of March 2022, the platform had broken its historical record of simultaneous users of 20,313,451, and at that time had a record of 30 million connected users.

The most popular games are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with more than 1 million simultaneous players this weekend.

While in second place is DOTA 2.

Outstandingly we have in third place Goose Goose Duck, a free multiplayer social deduction game.

The latter became very relevant due to the fact that a member of the BTS band has played it and from there it had an increase in popularity.

Steam continues to be one of the strongest options for the entire PC Gamer community, both for proposals as well as for the games it gives away.

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