The funny response of ropz after suffering a ‘theft’ at an award

On January 14, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) lived one of its most emotional events in the HLTV Awards Show. The ceremony, which was held in person in Stockholm (Sweden), awarded the prizes to the best players and teams of the last 2022. Oleksandr Kostyliev «s1mple»He made history by being the first professional in history to win the award for best player in the world three times. However, for one reason or another, voting never leaves the entire community happy. In this case, one of the dissatisfied figures is Robin Kool.”ropz“, FaZe Clan player.

HLTV has named ropz the eighth best player in the world, which means the Estonian’s best result in this regard. Since 2018 the rifleman He has appeared on the list of the 20 best players in the world, achieving his best result in 2020 with a seventh position. Nevertheless, the reason for the ‘debate’ was not his position on the list, but not winning the award for best highlights of the year. Specifically for his performance during the final of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) of Katowice.

The FaZe player did not take the prize with the play that forced extra time in the Inferno of the Katowice final. The first position was taken by Ilya Osipov «m0NESY«, G2 Esports player and rookies of the year, with his clutch one for four against MIBR in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. Without denying the quality of the play of the AW Permany followers wondered how a highlights on-line he was able to overcome one that was made in a grand final, in front of a stadium and in one of the most important matches possible. Nevertheless, ropz showed elegance off the servers with an ironic response: alluding to ‘robbery’ with a song by Juice WRLD.

Although ropz was humorous about not receiving the award, fellow FaZe Clan members weren’t laughing as much at the HLTV awards. That was the case with Helvijs Saukants”broky«, AW Per of FaZe and sixth best player in the world. Latvian charged via Twitter for the disbelief of not seeing his teammate receive the award to highlights of the year. Nevertheless, broky was also hard on the fact that Robert Dahlström “RobbaN” did not take the award for best coach of the year. Andrii Horodenskyi “B1ad3”, coach of Natus Vincere, was the coach who took the award.

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