This is how lucky trades work in Pokémon GO

The Lucky exchanges will be the main protagonists of the Lunar New Year event in Pokémon GO. During it, in addition to a series of featured Pokémon, we will have a greater chance of making a lucky friendship and also of getting lucky Pokémon in the exchanges.

What are lucky Pokémon? It is a mechanic introduced to emulate the rapid growth of traded Pokémon in the main series games. A) Yes, In addition to having an accompanying visual effect, they require half as much stardust to level up.something you will especially notice if you want to raise them to 50.

As if this were not enough, are guaranteed a minimum of 12 IV in attack, defense and health. This high minimum also means that it is the easiest way to get a perfect Pokémon, since 1 in 64 will have the desired 15/15/15. For comparison, the Pokémon of raidmissions and eggs have a probability in 216.

The handicap is that you can only get them by trade. Any traded Pokémon can be, but the chances increase the older the Pokémon traded. Here, before going into talking about specific numbers, it should be noted that the seniority of both adds up: it is the same to exchange two Pokémon from one year as a current one with one from two years ago.

The chances of getting the lucky Pokémon seem to stop increasing after the age of three. This is how they have observed it in The Silph Road after registering more than 9000 exchanges of different ages. For this reason, the Pokémon before January 2020 will help you to have the maximum possibilities.

Up to one year old it is 5%, while after one year it is around 11%. If they add two years between them it is 16% and after three years it is a little more than 20%, which means that, more or less, one in five Pokémon traded should be lucky.

For the Lunar New Year event the odds will be increased. However, they have not given details of to what extent or if it will also affect that maximum after three years. In any case, we recommend you save potential Pokémon for PVE or Master League to trade themsomething important since this season you get an XL guaranteed for each exchange.

There are two other ways to get it guaranteed. If you trade a Pokémon from 2016 or 2017 you will get a lucky secured in the first 15 trades. Also, once you reach friendship level 4 with another player your first interaction of the day can activate a lucky friendshipwhich will make your next trade hopefully, making it the perfect time to trade legendaries shinies.

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