all the rules and official regulations of the series

Everything is ready so that in the next few hours the new Minecraft Extreme of Auron. An imminent start for the afternoon of this coming Tuesday, guaranteeing a few hours of chill, possibly one of the few throughout the series.

But for those who demand a huge technique, this will not be one to use, but it will be a Extreme Minecraft under the concept of Auronplay, Reborn, Tanizen and his team, in their own way. That is, with moments of relaxation, and more tense moments. With the option of being able to play hide or try to kill all your rivals.

They are almost 70 participants, and both already know all the regulations in full. With a calendar set by Tanizen in which things will happen every day so that little by little everyone loses their lives, but also that they have a good time and do not die all the first days. Nor is it sought that you can have 100 totems and potions, but yes they suffer even setting up a little garden. And above all laugh with each of the deaths.

All rules of Auron’s Extreme Minecraft
  • Aim? Survive and reach the last day alive
  • Version 1.18 (the Tortillaland server)
  • Start on January 17
  • Duration
    • 2-3 weeks maximum
    • The whores will increase if few people die
    • Arrived at a rational limit, everything will decide in an arena with the finalists
  • 3 lives per player
    • It will not be possible to revive/raise another member
    • When you die, a grave will be generated with your things, but they can be stolen from you before reaching it.
  • There is no limit of hours playedbut the longer the time, the greater the risk of dying
  • will be allowed a maximum of 48 hours of inactivity
    • (Except justified cases such as illness or those who travel to ESLAND)
  • Forbidden to enter off-stream
  • A siren will alert when PVP is active
    • A zone with always active PVP may be created for volunteers
  • Admins will not be able to revive or have powers with their main accounts
  • Required Shaders
  • Mandatory voice chat, Forbidden Discordas in all his series
  • illegal totems
  • TNT and the like will be disabled
  • there will only be 3 mods activated
    • small backpack
    • mini map
    • limited secutiry craft (small chests, 4 turrets per house…)
  • The robberies are legal. If someone does not protect your home well, it is your responsibility
  • Destroying properties is also allowed
  • Bullying will not be allowed, and the abuse of a pro vs rookie will also be limited
    • Mess with someone your size!
  • There will be ‘events’ even inside the houses for those who are doing better
    • The putadas will be constant by the administration
  • can be done groups of up to 4 people. Gangs that are excessively hindering the experience of other groups, or with childish behavior, will be punished. The groups will be to protect you but interacting with everyone is encouraged.
    • The administration will prevent 4 pros from coming together
  • Respect all other Twitch rules

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