Amouranth and xQc will participate in Squid Craft Games 2

At first it sounded like a joke, then it seemed that there was some possibility and, a few days later, the latest news was confirmed. random from 2023: Rubius has achieved that Amouranth and xQc participate in one event at a time.

And no, it’s not some NA community series or a conversation between streamers. Both content creators, one of the biggest in the world on Twitchwill be participating in the 2023 edition of the Squid Craft Games.

It turns out that Rubius invited, we don’t know if it was a joke or not, to Amouranthone of the streamers largest on the planet in which he starred the moment of the year with IlloJuan, masi and an exchange of tweets.

♬ Miner [Versión Oficial Remasterizada] – Remaster – ElRubiusOMG

Rubius told Amouranth that he was a mass event related to the Squid Games series, confirming that it is a huge series based on Minecraft with more than 120 streamers and $100,000 prize.

Amouranth listened attentively to Rubius’s speech and I accept: He will be in the Squid Games 2, although we do not know if he will participate or make a special appearance in the case of an eminence on the platform.

But beware, because the most watched on the planet will also be. Rubius vs xQc is a dream for many in Year 3 Revelry, and perhaps it will materialize not only in real life, but also in the Squid Games 2.

Rubius confirmed that xQc has told him yes and that he will be at the Squid Games 2023predicting an even more epic series than last year with two English-speaking celebrities.

How will the organization adapt the language and its participation? It is still a mystery, although Auronplay himself, another of the creators, has been stunned before the confirmation of both.

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