Auron nerfs Spreen and the rest of the ‘pros’ in Extreme Minecraft

After a time of waiting that has become eternal, Minecraft Extremethe first major streamers event of this newly launched 2023, will kick off tomorrow, Tuesday January 17.

In this series, a total of 60 streamers will try to survive in a challenge of the most hard core to claim victory. But, as in any event of these characteristics, some players are more experienced than others.

With the aim of preventing Extreme Minecraft from being a walk for the most pros, Auron and his team have decided to introduce a series of rules that make it difficult for these players to experience.

This has been made known by Auron himself: “We have updated the regulations to prevent people like Spreen or more experienced people can skip it. We have put things like, if a house is reinforced, you are not going to enter in any way”.

“If someone, for example, reinforces his house well, that is, the floor, ceiling and walls, there is no way you will be able to enter there. If someone reinforces himself well, you have the right to enjoy your shelter. Thanks to the experienced ones we found out that there are certain ways to enter”, explained the streamer in reference to some recent statements by Spreen.

In this way, Minecraft Extreme will be more balanced and the differences between the most skilled players and those who do not know the game so well will be less. For now, we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if this is finally the case.

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